PanTran Celebrates Transit Month With Donation Drives

October is Transit Month, and PanTran is proud to announce that it will participate by helping give back to our Panhandle community.

Each week in October, PanTran passengers will be able to get free rides by bringing designated items with them on the buses. On October 8-13, Drivers will be collecting canned foods for donation to CCAP/Loaves and Fishes. Passengers who bring in a can of food to donate will be able to ride for free.

During the week of October 15-20, Passengers who bring in cell phones and eyeglasses for donation will be able to ride for free. Eyeglasses and cell phones will be donated to the Lions Club.

October 22-27, Passengers will be able to ride for free by donating cans or bags of pet food for bonation to the Berkeley County Humane Society.
All donated items should be brought on the bus and given to the driver in lieu of payment.

“This is our way of giving back to the community,” says Acting Director Kathy Mason. “We hope that riders new and old will come out both to support PanTran and to support their friends and neighbors in need in the Panhandle.”