New Schedules are here!

It’s been a long, bumpy wait, but our new, re-designed schedules are finally done. Schedules will start tolling out this afternoon and this weekend, with the bulk of our schedules being available some time next week.

The new printed schedules reflect the October 1 schedule changes and new stops. We designed this schedule with a handy accordion-style fold-out and, in order to make the whole thing easier to read, we alternated colors on each of the rows.

You can download a copy of the schedule, but it can be a little hard to print. Our trip planner on our home page will also be updated on October 1 to reflect the new changes.

We would like to thank Progressive Printing for the wonderful work they put in in designing and printing the schedules. We really love the new look and we think that the changes we have made will make the schedule much easier for our passengers to read. We hope that you guys will love them as much as we do!